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Max Landis, the screenwriter who penned Netflix movie 'Bright' starring Will Smith, has been accused of sexually abusing eight women!

Ex-teacher and documentarian Ani Easton Baker, publicly accused Landis of a pattern of “destructive” behavior during their former relationship via her Twitter account, before other women chimed in to share their stories.

Another woman named Julie shared her account with the Daily Beast:

"He trusted that we wouldn’t ever say anything, worked actively to discredit people who were saying things, and was just as consistent in the abuse as he was with covering it up and manipulating us afterwards,” Julie*, an ex-girlfriend and former friend of Landis’s, explained. “I didn’t realize that I had been raped consistently and deliberately by this man for two years until today, when I wrote it down.”

Film director who directed 'Fantastic Four' and 'Chronicle,' hopped on Twitter to reveal that he believes the allegations against Landis.

Here are some reactions from Twitter: