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Brielle Biermann: Ex-Boyfriend Michael Kopech Blocked Me!!

Brielle Biermann, the daughter of Don't Be Tardy star Kim Zolciak Biermann, is claiming that her ex-boyfriend, Michael Kopech has blocked her from contacting him.

"He blocked me," she told Us Weekly.

She says it's all one-sided.

"I want to keep in touch," she said. "Because I'm not a bitter ex. I actually am super happy for my exes and what's going on in their lives, but it's them. They block me and it's, like, 'You blocked me?' And it's, like, 'Damn, did I hurt you that bad that you don't want to see my stuff anymore? I want to be friends still.'"

Kopech is currently married to Black Riverdale actress, Vanessa Morgan.

Brielle says she's still single.

"I don't know what I would be doing, but staying home and not meeting anybody is not the mood because I mean, I don't even want to get on dating apps," Brielle shared with the publication. "I was on Bumble and they deleted my account, I guess because they thought it was a fake account. I went to go look on it the other day. And it was like, 'Your account has been reported too many times for being fake.' And it's like, 'OK, well, now I can't even get on there.' So I don't know what I'm waiting on."