Brielle Biermann Defends Donald Trump!!


Brielle Biermann hopped onto Twitter to defend President Donald Trump, accusing people of "bullying" him.

"This is not political- i don't care how i/you feel about trump as a politician but he is a PERSON. "Running" the country. He has feelings like all of us. Do you think someone wants to do the best they can when they're constantly belittled/bullied for everything they do/say?" she tweeted.

Brielle obviously caught backlash about her comments and tried to clean it up:

"That is no representation of my political views. I'm simply saying- Obama, trump, whoever!!! Didn't/doesn't deserve the constant hate. The amount of people defending bullying is ridiculous!!"

Perhaps Brielle isn't hip to President Trump's Twitter account, which he uses to trash anyone under the sun who opposes him. He also constantly attacks reporters just doing their job during his White House news conferences -- Trump is quite literally a bully.

We don't remember Brielle tweeting in Obama's defense when the white nationalists were targeting him online though.