A bride gave her guests and OUTRAGEOUS dress code, that told guests what to wear -depending on their age and weight.

The young bride sent out the craziest dress code to not only her bridesmaids, but all the wedding guests.

A dress code or theme isn't the strangest thing for a a wedding. But when the bride gives specific instructions for each of her guests based on their weight, it is OUTRAGEOUS.

Each guest was given a specific dress code based on how much they weigh. In a screenshot of one example that was sent to her wedding guests posted on Reddit, the bride to be explains that the dress code is specific because "it will be used to create an incredible visual effect"

In the post, the bride claimed that the dress code will make the synchronized dance "pop." The bride planned for all guests to participate in a synchronized dance during the wedding reception. 

Here is a screenshot of the dress code that left her guests simply shook, and for very obvious reasons.


For women between 100-160 pounds - they are required to be dressed in a green velvet sweater, orange pants and red bottom Christian Louboutin heels plus a Burberry scarf, while women over 160 pounds  should be dressed in all black tracksuits and heels.

Men between 100-200 pounds need to wear purple fur jackets, all white sneakers and they need to have plain glow sticks, while men over 200 pounds are expected to wear camouflage and black sneakers.

The kids (yes, she involved the kids) are meant to wear all red to "form the shape of a heart"

And there's more. The bride requests the guests to wear an outfit worth at least $1 000 once the dance is over because "the venue is extremely upscale".

"Please, if you look like trash we all do, all jokes aside, we request that you invest in an outfit valued at at least $1,000" she writes at the end of the list.