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Eddie Murphy and his ex-wife Nicole Murphy are about to be grandparents, according to folks on social media. That's because their daughter Bria Murphy appears to be pregnant.

The Murphy family sent out a Christmas Instagram post yesterday, and in the pic Bria appeared to be noticeably pregnant.

Here's the image:

This is what Bria looked like, just a few months ago:

Bria, who is now 30, is a model, actress, and artist (painter) in Los Angeles. She's the eldest daughter to Nicole Murphy and Eddie. She has three younger sisters Zola Ivy Murphy, Shayne Audra Murphy, and Bella Zahara Murphy, and a brother named Miles Mitchell Murphy.

Bria creates beautiful artwork, and her paintings are specifically intended for the African American audience.

In a recent interview she explained:

“This is a way for people to really hear my voice and my culture to hear my voice loud and clear,” Murphy said.

Her latest piece may look like just another "iced-out" rapper, but it’s much deeper than it seems. It focuses on the superficial culture in the black community.

“Beautiful black people showing off their gold and material objects, but that gold they're showing off is actually chains,” she said.

"I really got lucky with my kids," Eddie told People magazine in 2016. "There really isn’t a bad one in the bunch, everyone turned out to be really good people."