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BREAKING: Whitney Houston 'MOLESTATION' Rumors . . . Turned Out To Be LIES!!!


Earlier this year the entertainment world was rocked by rumor that legendary singer Whitney Houston was allegedly molested, by her aunt Dee Dee. The news first came about when Pat Houston released her Whitney Houston biopic.

In the show, Pat and her people allege that Whitney had been sexually molested as a child by her cousin, Dionne Warwick's younger sister Dee Dee.

Here's what Dionne Warwick told Larry King:

“I have tried to refrain from responding to that, first of all it's totally hogwash. My sister would never ever have done anything to do any harm to any child especially within our family and for those lies to be perpetuated in this so-called documentary evil."

"I will never, and I mean this ever, forgive those who perpetuated this insanity."