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BREAKING : Waco Texas Black Man Shot And Killed . . . At Red Lobster . .. Possibly By WHITE NAZI TERRORIST!!


MTO News just learned of a breaking investigation - that a Black man was shot and killed outside a Red Lobster in Waco, Texas. And there are reports that the suspected killers - are WHITE NAZI'S.

The shooting happened yesterday, at around 11:00 AM. According to local reports, an African American man named Justin Bible walked out of the restaurant, and got into his car  - where he was ambushed by two men. One of the men shot  Justin once in the head. he later died of those wounds.

So what's BIZARRE about this case? Well according to social media reports, the suspects are believed to be two "White males" - who were driving a White pickup truck with a "Confederate flag" in the window.

But local police have not spoken out about any possible White Supremaxcist Terrorist link in the crime. Waco police Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton said it appears the passenger of the pickup truck got out, approached BJusin and fired at least one shot at him. He said police are now investigating the incident as a murder.

“This does not appear to be an incident that put any other members of the public in any danger,” Swanton said bizarrely. “For some reason, the individual in the red car was targeted, but we don’t know if that was because of an altercation that occurred just now or from a previous altercation.“We will try to piece all that together.”

Justin, photo'd below, was a family man and a positive rapper from South Texas.