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BREAKING: Rapper Gucci Mane Allegedly Caught . . . SNITCHED TO POLICE On Label Mate Ralo!!


Rapper Gucci Mane is in the midst of a crazy controversy. He's being accused by multiple people close to him, of being a snitch. According to his former friends, Gucci has been working with the police to get his gangster friends locked up.

The news came from one of Gucci Mane's former associates Young Scooter. Scooter made a song called Sushi where he suggests that it was GUCCI MANE that snitched on the popular Atlanta rapper Ralo. Ralo is currently in jail facing LIFE on drug conspiracy charges.

Gucci Mane has yet to answer the allegations of being a :"snitch." Gucci used to be a very active GANG member, known for pulling his GUN and using it. But he's mellowed down a lot in the past few years. He's now married to his longtime Gf Keyshia K'oir and living his best life.

Here's the song:

Terrell Davis (born February 12, 1995), known professionally as Ralo, is an American rapper currently signed to Gucci Mane's 1017 Records via Interscope Records and his own label Famerica Records. Ralo gained recognition following the release of his single, "Can't Lie" featuring rapper Future, which was released in 2015.[5] Spin magazine placed the song at number 65 on its "Every Future Song of 2015, Ranked" list. In 2015 Ralo released the mixtapes Famerican Gangster and Diary of the Streets.

Ralo has stated in an interview that was a heroin dealer and had made as much as 12 million dollars in one year before he was a famous rapper. He started rapping after he came out of prison for the first time. He continues to visit his family in The Bluff daily.

Ralo has stated that he is a Muslim, saying "When I was in prison I found myself and became a Muslim... Before Islam I didn’t have any type guidance".

Ralo is currently living in Southside Bethlehem, PA.