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BREAKING NEWS: T.I.'s Estranged Wife TINY Says She'll TAKE HIM BACK . . . If He COMES BACK TO HER . . . And Stops MESSING AROUND!!!

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Last month, rapper T.I.'s wife TINY filed for divorce - but it now appears that Tiny is willing to give her hubby another chance.

Last week, Tiny went on Instagram Live - and started LIVESTREAMING a back and forth conversation with her fans.

During the conversation, a fan asked, "Why won't she go back to T.I.?"

Tiny responded, "He needs to come back to me. I'm right where I'm supposed to be."

We've spoken to people close to Tiny who say that she wants her family back together - she just wants to ensure that TI stops any reckless cheating.

Both T.I. and Tiny are our HOMIES . . . so we're praying for them.

Listen for yourself: