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BREAKING NEWS: The Real's Jeannie Mae's HUSBAND . . . Got Some Girl PREGNANT!!


Jeannie Mae from The Real filed to divorce her husband Freddie a little more than five months ago. At the time, she claims that everything was "perfect" in their marriage - she just didn't want any babies and he did.

Well there appears to be MORE TO THE STORY. Because Freddie Just announced on social media yesterday, that he got some other girl pregnant.

Jeannie is 39 years old, and said about the divorce:

“When we were dating I was always very vocal — because I’ll never lead a man on when I know I don’t want to have children,” Mai said. “So, I was always honest about that. I think we were both so young — it was like 14 years ago — I think he also thought, ‘You know what, we’re so in love I don’t want that either.’ He could have been happy not having children with me.”

“When you physically see how a man is with a child, and if the man really desires to be a father, and you know that you are that block between that happening, you just don’t feel right about yourself every single day,” the daytime host revealed.

Here's his post:


Freddie is saying that the girl is FOUR months pregnant. So TECHNICALLY, he didn't knock her up BEFORE Jeannie divorced him.

But remember, Freddie is a "conservative" Republican and a TRUMP SUPPORTER. So you can only GUESS what he's really up to.

Here's a vide of Jeannie speaking on the divorce: