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BREAKING NEWS: White Supremacist Terror Attack In SAN DIEGO . . . Nazi SHOOTS UP Upscale African American POOL PARTY . . . KILLING One And WOUNDING Seven!! (VIDEO OF SHOOTING)

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A TERRORIST ATTACK was conducted in San Diego last night - by a suspected White Supremacist NAZI. Terror attacks from White Supremacist Nazis has been on the rise in The United States.

Police are reporting that a man they believe to be a WHITE SUPREMACIST NAZI opened fire at an upscale San Diego apartment complex swimming pool where a number of adults were attending a birthday party.

There were at least 30 people - most of whom were African American - at the party. One African-American female partygoer was killed and seven people were wounded, at least three suffered life threatening wounds. In all, four of the victims were African-American women, two were African-American men and one was Hispanic.

All of the victims were attending a 50th birthday party hosted by a resident of the apartment at the complex pool.

Police were called to the scene and immediately confronted the NAZI GUNMAN. They eventually fatally shot him after he pointed his gun at officers.

Here is a video of the shooting:

And the NAZI SHOOTER was as cold blooded as you can imagine. Here's how one witness described him:

The shooter seemed at ease, he said, while bloodied victims struggled.

“He had his beer in one hand and his gun in the other,” said the witness, who provided only his first name, John, to the news station. “There were two victims lying on the ground, one trying to crawl toward the other one to help.”

It was also clear that the NAZI SHOOTER was only interested in killing African Americans. When he ran into two NON-BLACK women here's what he said:

“You can either leave or you can stay here and die,” he reportedly told them.