BREAKING NEWS: Remy Ma Dropped Her Nicki Minaj Diss . . . It's Called 'SheTHER'!! (Nicki F*cked Trey Songz . . . Drake . . . Lil Wayne . . . And Her Butt Implant Exploded . .. It's TOO MUCH)


Remy Ma just released her official Nicki diss track - called Shether and it's to the Nas Ether beat. This is likely the most DISRESPECTFUL diss track in Hip Hop history.

She may have ended Nicki's career. Remy claims that Nicki's butt implant exploded - and she couldn't have relations with Meek for 3 months.

She also claims that Nicki f*cked Drake, Wayne, Trey Songz, and Ebro from Hot 97. It is EXPLOSIVEEEE!!!!