BREAKING NEWS: Nicki Minaj . . . Is Caught On Social Media . . . MAKING FUN . . . Of R&B Singer Aaliyah's DEATH!! (WOW . . . She's COLD Blooded)


Last night Nicki Minaj made a BUNCH OF ENEMIES. She tweeted out a screenshot of a message that her fan sent - notice that name of the CHAT GROUP - Aaliyah Airlines with a Plane Emoji and a FIRE emoji.

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And notice how Nicki said "Someone's IN my DMs saying they want this man holding the cat" - meaning this message was IN her DMs, meaning she is IN that group chat and SHE took the screenshot.

Also, it doesn't matter if her fans added her in. Before even opening the chat, the first thing that pops up IS the group chat name and she saw this and proceeded to enter.

And yes it is real, there are multiple screenshots. And the Tweet got around 3000 retweets before she deleted it.

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