BREAKING NEWS: Love And Hip Hop Rapper Waka Flocka's JUMPOFF Is Claiming That He ASSAULTED HER . . . And STOLE HER PHONE!!!


Married rapper Waka Flocka is in some SERIOUS trouble - according to online reports.

According to multiple sources, the Love & Hip Hop reality star and superstar rapper is being investigated for DOMESTIC VIOLENCE and ROBBERY. This is according to a woman who claim to be his JUMPOFF - an Insta-THOT named Celina.

You see Celina has been RUNNING HER MOUTH lately on Snapchat and Instagram - about her AFFAIR with Waka Flocka. Waka is currently MARRIED to Love & Hip Hop star Tammy. And Tammy has let it be KNOWN that the next time she catches Waka cheating - it's DIVORCE.

Over the last few days, Celina was threatening to RELEASE evidence of a recent affair with Waka. That was a bad move.

Allegedly Waka and some goons went to her house assaulted her, and deleted everything off her phone.

This is a serious matter. Celina went to the Denver police to report the alleged crime. There is an active investigation going on.