BREAKING NEWS: Latoya Jackson Reportedly HAD A STROKE!!

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MTO News has learned that multiple Jackson family members are claiming that Latoya Jackson - sister to Michael and Janet - suffered a stroke yesterday.

Multiple Jackson family members went on social media yesterday claiming that Latoya Jackson suffered a stroke.

The Jackson family members, half-sister Joh’Vonnie Jackson and her daughter, Yasmine shared the news on their Instagram stories.

Shortly afterwards, another Jackson family member, Zaaharah, posted this on her Facebook page:

For now, there has been no "official" word about Latoya Jackson's health - or whether she suffered an permanent or fatal damage as a result of the stroke.

We hope that Latoya recovers quickly.

Latoya just recently appeared on an episode of the E! network show The Hollywood Medium in which the host a young boy by the name of Tyler allegedly communicated with her late brother, Michael Jackson. Before the two sat down LaToya said:

"I have had a [psychic] reading before, and I'm not always a believer," Jackson admitted before the reading. "Because you don't know if they're reading you form information the know or not. I cannot wait to see what he tells me."

When they actually sat down for the reading here's the tea that Tyler dished to LaToya:

"He's having me acknowledge that when it came to his passing and anyone around right before or right after, there's a feeling of someone's story changing. Someone saying I saw him go through this, this happened and then their story changes abruptly after. There's a very strong emphasis on this," Henry told La Toya. "He's acknowledging that he should not have been left alone at a time when he was left alone. And that's coming in and that's what he's putting a lot of emphasis on. The person who should have been there to monitor wasn't monitoring and it's like, I trusted you to be there, I trusted the role that you were supposed to have to help me and you left. Of all times, you should be right here."