BREAKING NEWS: They Got Steve Harvey ON TAPE . . . Saying He Wants To 'SPIT ON WHITE PEOPLE' . . . They're About To 'BILL COSBY' HIM!!!


Comedian and talk show host Steve Harvey is one of the most SUCCESSFUL African-American entertainers - and now he's coming under ATTACK.

Radar Online and the National Enquirer claim that they have footage of him being racist towards White people. Here is what they are reporting:

A two-month investigation uncovered a former employee of Harvey’s who claims he has recordings of the Family Feud host going on insane rants.

“I don’t give a s–t about America!” Harvey bellowed on one tape, the owner of the recording, Joseph Cooper, told Radar.

On others, Cooper said Harvey urged fans to “spit on white people!” and “go assault old white women!”. But in a legal twist, Harvey filed a lawsuit against Cooper, accusing the Dallas man of using the recordings to “extort” him for a whopping $5 million. Court papers obtained by Radar claim that Cooper tried to sell old recordings of Harvey’s comedy routines, made more than 20 years ago, because of the sensitive material they contained.