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BREAKING NEWS: Good Church Girl TURNS THOT . . . She's Now AUCTIONING OFF VIRGINITY . . . After She Caught Her Boyfriend CHEATING!! (Lingerie Pics)

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A 23 year old "church girl" named Bailey Gibson has turned into a THOT - and is selling off her VIRGINITY - on an online auction site.

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Here'e her story, straight from her mouth:

My name is Bailey Gibson and I am a virgin. Now, if you saw me on the street and I told you that you’d probably say, “yeah right! No way!” But contrary to popular belief (and societal norms) attractive 23-year-olds can be virgins too, I am happy to say.

I grew up nestled in a gated community in the suburbs of Sacramento, California. I was adopted when I was one year old, and grew up with very strong Christian values as my adoptive father was an elder at our home church. I grew up very sheltered. I was not allowed to watch TV, listen to any music other than Christian music, have friends over, or have sleepovers ever. If we did watch a movie, it was on the Hallmark or Disney channel. If we were allowed to watch TV, we were allowed to only watch programs like Little House on the Prairie. I remember sneaking and watching Carmen Sandiego cartoons and Hannah Montana with my sister.

So what happened - to turn this good Christian girl into a THOT?. Here:

My ex-boyfriend was a Christian at the time and I did not wish to have a sexual relationship with him until we were married. Knowing I was a virgin, he respected my values (for a while). I learned that love can be deceiving when I discovered that he slept with his ex on Valentine’s Day . . . I came to the conclusion that waiting until marriage to lose my virginity was the wrong decision, because my ex-boyfriend wasn’t worth waiting for.

Bailey's virginity is now up for auction, and can be bought through the Moonlite Bunny Ranch brothel. Email them at if you're interested.
Here are some pics of her: