BREAKING NEWS: Celebrity Manager Manny Hailey Files $50 MILLION Defamation Lawsuit . . . Against Young Thug's ACCOUNTANTS . . . For LYING ON HIM!! (He's About To Get PAID)

Thugga_Lawsuit3 learned that celebrity manager Manny Hailey just filed a $50 MILLION defamation lawsuit against an accounting company that used to manage rapper Young Thug's fiances - David Weise & Associates.

According to the lawsuit, Manny - who is Young Thug's manager - hired David Weise & Associates as Thugga's accountants. At some point, Manny discovered some financial irregularities and began looking for a replacement for David Weise.

That's when someone over at David Weise allegedly published an email FALSELY claiming that Manny was stealing money. The lawsuit proves with 100% certainty that Manny was NOT stealing- and that everything that they were saying about him was lies.

Manny is suing then for $50 MILLION.

Here are some of the highlights from the lawsuit: