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BREAKING NEWS: Alleged WHITE SUPREMACIST Is Arrested Inside COLLEGE . . . Carrying An ASSAULT RIFLE . . . With More Than 200 ROUNDS OF AMMO!! (Made 'TERRORIST' Threats)

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A 28 year old man named Alexander Barowski, was arrested yesterday inside Marywood Universit. Alexander, who is a student at the university, is charged with making terroristic threats, simple assault, possession of unlawful body armor and reckless endangerment.

Police agencies responded to the campus at 3:37 p.m. Wednesday for the report of a man with a gun in the Center for Natural and Health Sciences.

When police found Alexander and searched his vehicle, police told media that they found a loaded 9mm handgun and body armor and a can of pepper spray, as well as a medical kit, police style radio and two loaded magazines filled with .223 ammunition, police said. Officers also recovered five more magazines loaded with .223 ammo, four fully loaded .40 caliber magazines and two loaded 9mm magazines. Totalling more than 200 rounds of ammo.

The student who provided a description of Barowski later told police Barowski revealed a gun in his waistband and had previously mentioned he comes to the campus armed. The student also said Barowski mentioned he was taking various medication for anxiety and depression, was having a hard time adjusting to life as a student and other students had been “pissing him off” lately, according to court documents. The student said the discussion started to become alarming and the student felt concerned for the safety of others at the university and notified staff, who in turn told campus security.

It gets worse. Borisky may be a WHITE SUPREMACIST. An old tweet on his social media account showed a degrading "joke"about Trayvon Martin - the innocent Black teen that was MURDERED by George Zimmerman.

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