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BREAKING NEWS: Actress Maia Campbell . . . Has Been Taken To A MENTAL INSTITUTION For Evaluation . . . She's Getting Help!!

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Actress Maia Campbell - who was shown on drugs and missing teeth in a viral video released earlier this week - is now being treated at a mental health facility.

A close family friend worked diligently yesterday, to get Maia checked into a hospital in Atlanta, here is what she said:

It’s been a hectic negotiating day, It’s not easy Maia Campbell is being held by Dekalb County for evaluation while her family and intervention team can find a way. She’s safe for tonight.

Thank you for all the inbox and support I’ll do it from my heart I also have children and I pray if the going through someone stand with them like a angel on a mission.

There’s no shame just be loving and present and listen to the dynamic of the story. We all have them some hidden some obvious but none is perfect especially with mental illness is real. Love your children and love one.

Stop glamorizing negativebehavior and expecting more but when we get what we painted embrace it too. God is love Intervention is caring. No one is famous but we all are human so imperfect.

Here was Maia earlier in the day looking like she is in crisis: