BREAKING: Madonna Caught ANOTHER Body . . . Is Dating QUAVO From The Migos!!!

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Madonna has been known to sleep with DOZENS of top rappers - now she added another body to her count. According to multiple online sources - Madonna is dating Quavo of the Migos.

The pair were photo'd out together in England - following the UK's Wireless festival. And multiple UK publications are claiming that the two were "dating" for the weekend. And by dating, we mean casually.

Madonna was spotted watching Migos from the side of the stage as the trio performed their big hits. 

One report even said that the "Vogue" singer, "While Migos performed track Stir Fry, Madonna even took it upon herself to randomly strut across stage – ensuring her presence was felt.

The pop star ALSO filmed part of Migos’ performance at Wireless, later posting on her Instagram account with the caption, “Snuck out of the studio for a lil drip………….. ” 

Their performance comes after the hip-hop group posted a picture of themselves outside Madonna’s Miami home. It was later revealed that they filmed their video for latest track ‘Narcos’ there. 

Madonna replied to the Instagram snap saying, “That’s my house in Miami! What are you doing there??” to which Migos member Quavo replied, “Trappin’.”

As one British mag put it, "Madonna is a man-eater, and she likely 'ravaged Quavo' this weekend." Madonna's body count is like a Who's Who of hip hop culture Madonnna has been linked to Big Daddy Kane, Tupac, Lil Wayne, Kanye, and now Quavo.

Here they are: