BREAKING: K Michelle Rushed To Hospital Undergoes 'BLOOD TRANSFUSION' . . . After Butt Implant COMPLICATIONS!!!

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K Michelle was hospitalized, reportedly for complications with her butt augmentation and enhancement surgeries.

34-year-old K Michelle has spoken openly about undergoing multiple butt augmentation surgeries — and how they impacted her health. She even successfully got her silicone butt implants removed earlier this year. And spoke with Steve Harvey about how she "learned her lesson," but still needed another surgery. The previous implants were making K Michelle very sick.

But now it's gotten BAD.

Local media is saying that K Michelle was rushed to the hospital two days ago — with complications with her butt implants. She was admitted to the hospital, where she had to undergo a blood transfusion. The scary situation left K Michelle shaken. She said that it was the first time she's ever gone through something like this and it has left her with a new outlook on life.

In the past K Michelle has said, "I went and did the butt shots. Everybody was doing it. A lot of your favorite artists, we went to the same person. They’re sick too, but I just talk about mine. I don’t lie to y’all. I don’t tell y’all, ’Oh, this is great!’ It’ll catch up. So I said, if I can show them my body and what I did, I can also show them the outcome and the consequences of it. So I’ve been very open about it.”

In the video below K Michelle is crying and thanking fans and God for being there for her. She is expected to be released from the hospital soon she said in an Instagram live video. 

We're praying she gets better: