Iman Shumpert Was CHEATING On Teyana Taylor . . . With Drake's BABY MAMA!!

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There's a rumors swirling around social media - that Drake's babys mama was bopping through rappers and athletes. And that one of the men she was sleeping with was Iman Shumpert.

MTO News confirmed that Drake and French adult film star Sophie Brusseaux have a son together, named Adonis.

The rumors say that Iman and Drake's babys mama were together about a year ago - that was in the MIDDLE of Iman and Teyana's marriage. Around the same time that the couple was filming their reality show.

The rumors also add that in addition to Drake and Iman, Sophie was sleeping with James Harden, and A$AP Rocky.


The rumor goes that Iman and Teyana cut their show "Teyana and Iman" on VH1 short because Iman was cheating. They were slated to have EIGHT episodes according to an official VH1 press release but there are only six episodes available online.

Reports say that:

The news comes from sports gossip website TerezOwens who says that the “Fade” dancing songstress found the Cavs baller’s “secret phone” that exposed all kinds of dirty doggin’ behind her back. With that in mind, she allegedly breached her contract and told the production team to pull the remaining episodes of their show.

Iman then released a song and a statement seemingly admitting guilt for “his mistakes” while begging people not to antagonize his wife.

“I was young. I was selfish. I’ve broken hearts and been insensitive to them. I never really cared what the Internet said of me until now and it’s not because they’re antagonizing me,” said Iman. “They are now directing hate toward a woman that gives off nothing but positive energy and deserves nothing more than the world that I vow to give her. I normally wouldn’t acknowledge this type of thing but you guys win. If you’re going to send the hate, direct it at me. Don’t make her pay for my mistakes. I’m older now, I’m different now. It’s Peace and love. Don’t make her pay for the mistakes of my past. “His Story” out now. Word to @Karencivil #post90″