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BREAKING: Gucci Mane UNFOLLOWS Wife Keyshia . . .  . . 'HEADED FOR DIVORCE'!!!


Gucci Mane and Keyshia K'aoir may have separated or they just hit a rough patch in their marriage.

MTO News has been hearing for months that the couple has been fighting a lot recently. Mostly over Keyshia's SPENDING habits. Well we didn't really think anything OF IT. It sounded like typical MARRIAGE STUFF.

But last night MTO News confirmed that Gucci Mane officially UN-FOLLOWED his wife on Instagram. Up until last night, she was the only person that he followed. Not anymore

It's not clear whether the two have separated, whether the unfollowing was due to an argument, or whether there was some other reason.


We're reaching out NOW to find out what we can . . .

According to People Mag, this isn't the first time the couple has had trouble:

In The Autobiography of Gucci Mane, his memoir that was released last month, the Southern rapper, né Radric Davis, reveals the harrowing trials he put beauty mogul Keyshia Ka’oir, 32, through during his time in jail and as a result of his drug use (especially his addiction to “lean,” which is prescription cough syrup).

“‘Why the f— haven’t you come down here and bonded me out yet?'” Gucci Mane, 37, recalls screaming to his then-girlfriend two weeks after he’d been arrested and put in an isolation cell. The platinum-selling artist ended up serving three years for illegal possession of a firearm and was released on May 26, 2016.

“Keyshia had good reason to not want to help me out,” he continues in the book of his life-changing last arrest. “I’d gone crazy on her, first privately on the phone when she’d tried to talk me off the ledge and then on Twitter. But that wasn’t why Keyshia hadn’t come to bond me out. She’d taken every one of my phone calls since my arrest. Her phone bill was ridiculous from all my collect calls. Despite everything, she still wanted to help me. But Keyshia couldn’t get me out of jail.”