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Cardi B CAUGHT Using BOTS . . . To Fake Increase Her STREAMING Numbers!!


Cardi B and her team have been caught RED HANDED, using bots and hackers to TRICK streaming sites into increasing her STREAMING numbers. It's one o nth most COMPLICATED FINESSES that MTO News has seen in the history of music.

Cardi and her team set it up so that if you search on major search engines for PIRATED MOVIES, you will be taken to Cardi B's page - where the unwitting person will then hear a stream of her music. That stream will then be counted - in determining her "Billboard sales" numbers.

An instagram blogger first uncovered Cardi's stream, and documented it in the below video.

If you don't believe it, go to your favorite search engine - type in a current movie, and you'll see Cardi B's OFFICIAL website pop up in the searches.


In other Cardi B news, the rapper posted her first official family photo on Instagram Wednesday, featuring her husband, rapper Offset, and their newborn baby girl, Kulture Kiari.

“KultureK,” the new mom captioned the photo. The picture offers fans a partial glimpse of the infant, who was wearing a hat in the photo.

Fans were quick to admire the picture, though many urged the rapper to share a full shot of the baby.

"I want to see her face," one person said.

"Can we please seeee baby Kulture," another echoed.

"Who else zoomed in just to get a glimpse of the corner of the baby's eye #damnshame," an Instagram user added.