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Beyonce Launching SOLO Album . . . July 4th WEEKEND!!! (Track Listing)

Yesterday Beyonce and Jay Z launched their new joint album "Everything Is Love" yesterday, and it nearly broke the Internet. According to reports, "The Carter's joint effort was a noticeable evolution from Beyonce's 2016 release Lemonade, which focused on her husband's cheating."
Well now MTO News learned that Beyonce has MORE IN STORE FOR HER FANS.

According to a TOP SNITCH, Beyonce plans on making 2018 . . . the SUMMER OF BEY!!!

An insider from NICKI MINAJ'S camp recahed out to MTO News and spilled the tea. The snitch explained, "Nicki pushed back her album until after the summer, because Bey told her the plan was to launch a joint album in June and a single album in July."

Beyonce and Nicki are friends, and Bey wanted to give Nicki a HEADS UP. The insider added, "It was a friendly thing to do. Beyonce is going to control the Summer of 2018. It will be epic."

And we're not the only ones hearing that Bey is launching a new album in July. The website GENIUS has leaked the name and track listing on Bey's new album - it will be entitles B7.

Beyonce and Jay Z are currently on tour - and their ticket sales are HEATING UP.