BREAKING: Beyonce Announces PREGNANCY On Tour!! (She's 6 Months Along)

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MTO News broke the report that Beyonce is pregnant with her fourth child. Well yesterday Beyonce ANNOUNCED that she's pregnant - ending all speculation. We have now confirmed that Bey is six months pregnant.

Beyonce—36 years old—took the stage, and she was clearly pregnant. But unlike before, Be y didn't try and hide the pregnancy - she enjoyed it. Bey was on stage rubbing her belly - while smiling to her fans.

And Jay Z was pretty open about the pregnancy also. At one point, he went over and kissed his wife - and rubbed her tummy.

Beyonce and Jay Z have three children. Their first daughter Blue is 5 years old. And their twins Sir and Rumi are just under one year.

Here is the FIRST video

Here is the SECOND video

According to People Magazine, "Concertgoers captured videos of the singer gently placing her hand on her stomach while performing “’03 Bonnie & Clyde” during a recent tour stop earlier this month. Though it could be a coincidence, the move brought back memories of Queen Bey’s first pregnancy announcement at the 2011 Video Music Awards."

In addition, some fans pointed out another clue about another Carter child on the way when Beyoncé posed in front of the number 4 in a photo she shared on Instagram. Longtime fans have come to know the significance of the number 4 not only as their lucky numeral, but also their birth dates and wedding day.