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BREAKING: Atlanta Housewife Porsha Gets Into FIST FIGHT At Nightclub!!!


Atlanta Housewife Porsha Williams got into a BRAWL last night, at a party in Atlanta thrown by fellow housewife Kandi Burress for her husband’s Todd’s 45th birthday.

MTO News learned that the party was temporarily shut down, and Porsha was “dragged out” of the party after getting into an altercation with one of Kandi’s guests.

An insider from Bravo told MTO News, “Porsha went ballistic, tried to hurt that Girl.” According to the insider, Porsha began arguing with the female guest - and all of a sudden, the Atlanta Housewife appeared to ‘Black Out’ on the Girl.

The insider added, “Everyone ran when the violence broke out.” It’s not clear what, if any, damage Porsha did to the woman.

Porsha has been known to fly into fits of rage. On the Housewives reunion show two years ago, she attacked fellow Housewife Kenya Moore, and dragged her by her hair.

Developing . . .

Last week we reported that Porsha was PREGNANT so we hope that no harm was brought to her GROWING baby.

The report read:

MTO News has confirmed that Porsha Williams from the Atlanta Housewives is pregnant. Porsha informed the production team yesterday of her situation, and asked that producers write her pregnancy into her storyline.

A TOP housewives producer spilled the tea to MTO News - and even the other HOUSEWIVES DON'T KNOW YET. The producer told MTO News, "I don't know if Porsha's family even knows - she wants it to be a surprise."

Well everyone is going to be VERY surprised by Porsha's choice to become a single mom. We're told that Porsha and her boyfriend Dennis McKinley have no immediate plans to marry.