Real Housewife of Atlanta star Porsha Williams is officially done with her fiancé/baby's father Dennis, according to a person close to Porsha.

On the current season of the top-rated Housewives show, Porsha and Dennis are working through his past infidelity. Dennis admits to his wrongdoing on the show and promises to never violate their relationship again.

But last week, new images surfaced - showing Dennis on what appeared to be a "date" with a group of women at 4:00 in the morning. And the incriminating images went viral.

On Sunday, Porsha appeared on Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live - and refused to talk about her relationship with Dennis. All that Porsha said was that the two are "working" on things, but seemed upset with Dennis' recent behavior. 


Today, Porsha seems to have had enough. She went on Instagram and posted a pic of herself - and she cropped out her engagement ring. The beautiful ATL housewife captioned the post with the clown emoji - and called someone a "sorry ass."

Online speculation is that the insults were aimed at Dennis:


And Porsha had more to say. She posted the words "Done" and a second clown emoji. Both statements are also believed to have been made towards Dennis.

She also told fans that she's, "About to tell it all" as The Real Housewives of Atlanta has scheduled their reunion show to film in a few weeks.


MTO News reached out to one of Porsha's friends and asked whether Porsha's recent posts meant that she and Dennis were split. The friend told MTO News exclusively, "Yes, I think it's over."

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs on Bravo TV, at 8:00 ET/ 7:00 Central.