Brazil's Police Just WENT ON STRIKE . . . And Now THUGS Are Running Around . . Shooting People RAMPANTLY!! (Pics Of The CRAZINESS)


According to multiple reports, Brazil is currently in CHAOS.

It's all a result of Brazil's national police force going on strike, leaving the country unarmed and left in a "Purge" like chaos.

In 30 cities across Brazil, militarized police are refusing to do their jobs. According to an anonymous source in the city of Espirato Santo, Brazil, people are "running rampant with guns and machetes, stealing from malls and even dead bodies lying in the streets." And there's more. Buses are being set ablaze on night streets, and Brazil is slowly becoming overtaken by its people.

"A pm is on strike and the thugs are randomly shooting at anyone who passes the street in Espírito Santo, my God what is happening," says one Brazilian resident.

According to the Brazilian source reporting to Political Outsource, the most affected areas are South in Espirito Santo.