Brazilian Model Spent $50K . . . For Plastic Surgery To TURN HER INTO NICKI MINAJ!!

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A 19 year old Brazilian model paid $50K - to have Plastic surgery to turn her into Nicki Minaj. According to local reports, Karen Havary, recently spent an extraordinary amount of money - to look like her idol - superstar Nicki Minaj.

And the result of the operation was a success. Karen looks almost exactly like Nicki - at least in the body. But the two ladies' faces look similar also.

Karen told the Brazilian press, "As a super fan of Nicki, it's an honor to compare with her."

There's one difference between Karen and Nicki.  Karen decided to go EXTRA BIG. You see, Nicki Minaj 's butt has been measured at an amazing 46 inches around the hips.

Karen's butt is approximately 60 INCHES, according to reports from Brazil.

Here are some pics of Nicki's twin Karen: