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A Brazilian fashion model named Tales Soares died suddenly - as he walked the catwalk during the Ocksa fashion show at the 47th edition of São Paulo Fashion Week.

The incident occurred in the western zone of São Paulo on Saturday. The model inexplicably fell while walking the catwalk, and died in the middle of the fashion show.

In the video, which is being shared on social media, Tales Soares is seen strutting down the catwalk. He then turned and tripped on a nylon strap on his sandals. The model tried to regain his balance but he stumbled forward and fell face down on the catwalk.

Doctors say that he died instantly. It's not yet clear whether he died because of the fall, or because of a pre-existing medical condition.

Here is the video, warning it is graphic:

And here is the image - showing the model laying dead on the catwalk.