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Brazillian football star Neymar has denied allegations that he raped a Brazilian woman in Paris.

In a statement, translated by the BBC, Neymar admits to having relations with the woman but claims that it was consensual:

“I’m very upset but from now on I’ll expose or tell all about what happened with that girl. It was an intimate thing but I have to open myself up to prove that nothing exceptional happened," he says.

“What happened that day was a relationship between a man and a woman, within four walls, like with any couple. And the next day nothing much happened. We kept exchanging messages. She asked me for a souvenir for [her child].”

The woman claims that he bought her an air ticket from Brazil to France and a reservation at a luxury hotel in Paris. He then turned up at the hotel "apparently drunk", and that "at some point, Neymar became aggressive, and through violence, engaged in sexual intercourse against the will of the victim", the police document reads.

She returned to Brazil and reported the alleged crime after two days claiming that she "emotionally shaken and afraid to register the facts in another country."