Brawl Breaks Out In Atlanta Mall - The Day It Reopens From Coronavirus! (Video)


A brawl broke out at an Atlanta mall on the day it reopened after the state’s lockdown, MTO News has learned. And the entire melee was captured on camera.

The video, which has already been seen more than 7 million times, calls into question whether Georgia ended its coronavirus lockdown too soon.


In the video - which is only 17 seconds - three women are seen fighting. And a mall security guard gets in on the scuffle. Initially the guard looked like he was trying to break up the fight - but after a few seconds, the male guard appeared to be attacking the women.

The incident popped off at the Cumberland Mall in Atlanta.

“Get off, or I’ll have to pepper spray both of you,” the guard is heard saying as he struggles to separate the women.

Eventually, a man comes flying into the frame, dropkicking one of the women before shoving the security guard and fleeing with another woman involved in the fight.