Bravo Producers 'Subpoenaed' For 'RHOBH' Erika Jayne Footage!!


Bravo producers have been subpoenaed for the unaired footage of Erika Jayne.

The New York Times reported that Bravo maybe be forced to hand the information over.

Erika is accused of receiving $25 million from her estranged husband, Tom Girardi.

In July, the Housewife was named as a defendant in a lawsuit filed by a bankruptcy trustee seeking to recoup some of those dollars. Her expenses were high, including $850,000 on hair, makeup and nail stylists; at least $1.3 million on promotion and marketing; and $14 million in American Express charges.


According to the report, Evolution Media — the production company that produces the RHOBH was issued a subpoena requesting unaired recordings that may show Erika chatting about anything that could be helpful in their hunt for assets she says she doesn't have.

Erika denied knowing that her husband was embezzling funds from his clients.

“Erika doesn’t have personal liability for any of those transactions,” her attorney Evan Borges said to the outlet.