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Bravo executives called an Emergency meeting yesterday to discuss the Atlanta Housewives ratings, and discussed firing NeNe Leakes and Kandi Burress - MTO News has confirmed.

This Sunday's ratings for the Bravo show were the LOWEST in the show's history - and people close to production don't expect the ratings to turn around.

An insider told MTO News, "This season doesn't really have too many juicy moments. If people aren't tuning in now - there isn't much [coming up later this season] that's going to make them tune in."

Bravo executives called an EMERGENCY MEETING to try and turn things around with their TOP RATED SHOW. During the meeting, execs floated a number of ideas including bringing back former Housewives - and firing the two most popular Housewives Kandi and Nene.

The insider explained, "There is a feeling that NeNe and Kandi are to blame for this lack of drama this season. They have been [with the show] too long, and they're [too] controlling [of] what the cameras see about them."

The insider claims Kandi is very boring this season. They told MTO News, "We don't get to see drama in Kandi's marriage - which everyone wants to see, [Instead] this season is like one big infomercial to all of Kandi's business ventures."

NeNe allowed cameras into her life, but execs argued that she's getting "tired." The insider explained, "This season NeNe wasn't bringing it. She may have lost her touch."

MTO News was told that the executives are VERY serious about dropping one or both of the Housewives. No final decision has been made - but if ratings continue to struggle we're told to "expect a bloodbath."