Katie Rost is on the current season of Bravo's hit reality show Real Housewives Of The Potomac - but she's getting paid much less than the other housewives 

Much, much less... 

While each of the other ladies are getting between $100K and $300k per season, Katie got just $20K for the entire season.

Katie Rost returned to Real Housewives of Potomac this season while she was going through a rough custody battle with her ex-husband. Her odd behavior worried her co-stars — especially Robyn Dixon.

And much of this season has been focusing on highlighting Katie's mental health struggles. But not in a constructive way; more like in a "look at her, she's crazy" kind of way.

And it would be fine to exploit Katie on TV - if she was getting paid well for the exploitation.

Katie took to Instagram to reveal just how little Bravo is paying her. Bravo, through a production company - pays just $20K a season. That's the lowest amount of any housewife on any of the Bravo shows.

Here's Katie explaining it all on Instagram: