EXCLUSIVE: Bravo Likely CANCELLING Atlanta Housewives . . . After NEXT SEASON!!!

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Bravo network is likely cancelling their popular Atanta Housewives franchise, according to sources. The Atlanta Housewives may only have ONE MORE SEASON - according to MTO News sources inside Bravo. The network is considering ending the show - as ratings continue to decline and castmember salaries continue to rise.

One insider explained to MTO News, "Not only is the show VERY expensive to produce, but the salaries of the ladies is now out of control."

MTO News learned that Kandi is scheduled to make $4 MILLION this season and Nene will make the same. The insider explained, "The show doesn't even make money anymore - it's just a [cornerstone show] for the network."

But the insider claims that network is hoping to KEEP the large African American audience that the Atlanta Housewives draws - by BEEFING up the network's support of the Housewives Of Potomac franchise. The insider explained, "The Potomac Housewives actually makes money for [the network]. We want to replace Atlanta with Potomac."

Fans - it's not a done deal yet. But we're told that this upcoming season is "more likely than not" the last season you're ever going to see of the Atlanta Housewives. Make sure you ENJOY IT while you can.