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Bravo has just greenlit a new reality show star legendary Black model B Smith, her husband Dan Gasby, and his mistress Alex Lerner.

According to an EXTREMELY RELIABLE insider, former Real Housewives Of Atlanta producer Carlos King has signed on to produce a reality show for Dan, B, and Alex - and Bravo has already GREENLIT THE PROJECT.

The show, the snitch tells MTO News, will follow the life of B Smith, Dan and Alex- and will focus on, "The fabulous life of Alex and Dan, and how they lovingly take care of B Smith."

Dan and his new mistress Alex will reportedly live the high life - splitting their time between NYC and The Hamptons. And B Smith will be "lovingly cared for" by the couple.

Producer/creator Carlos King is known for bringing the BEST reality shows on television - all of his shows are FULL of drama and VERY messy.

B. Smith, 69, was a millionaire, a top model, a restauranteur, and a TV personality - many referred to her as the Black Martha Stewart. But her life took a turn for the worse 10 years ago, when she was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s disease.

Since then, her husband of 27 years, Dan Gasby, a former TV executive, has been caring for her. In 2016, the couple wrote a book about the early stages of Alzheimer’s titled "Before I Forget: Love, Hope, Help, and Acceptance in Our Fight Against Alzheimer's." 

Last year Dan Gasby, 64, did something that many think is unthinkable. He started openly carrying on a relationship with a White woman, 53-year-old Alex Lerner .

Dan moved Alex into the home that B Smith purchased with her fortune - and is openly dating Alex, using the money that B Smith accumulated with him.

All the while, his wife B Smith continues to deteriorate mentally.

Many fans of B. Smith are upset with what Dan and Alex are doing. The fans believe that it is disrespectful for Dan to openly date his girlfriend and constantly post to his social media images of the girlfriend and B. Smith as she battles her heartbreaking disease.

The show, we're told, will explore those issues.

This is an MTO News EXCLUSIVE report.