Porsha's fiancé Dennis McKinley is a business genius, and has plans to help Porsha expand her brand. But his latest idea - a live streaming service - has got executives over at Bravo upset.

Dennis is helping Porsha launch her own streaming service called Peach Lemonade. The platform will allow fans access to exclusive content, behind the scenes, e-books, podcasts, scripted tv. You can sign up at PeachLemonadeTv.com.

Here's the service that he's offering:


Dennis went on social media to explain exactly what the service will offer:


But Bravo executives are "nervous" about Porsha's new tv project. And are pushing back against Dennis.

MTO News spoke with one Bravo executive who explained, "Porsha is on an exclusive contract. She can not be on any other reality shows without Bravo's consent. I don't know what type of cameras he's going to have in their house."

They continued, "Also the word 'peach' is Bravo's copyright."

Another person close to production told MTO News, "It seems like Dennis is trying to finesse Bravo."

But we also spoke with someone close to Dennis, who pushed back. They explained,"Dennis knows exactly what's in Porsha's contract, and what she can and can not do. Everything [they're] doing with Peach Lemonade is allowed."

We can't wait to see how this plays out . . .