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There has been plenty of speculation going around - over which Atlanta Housewife will be fired next season - and which new housewives will be brought in.

MTO News spoke with a TOP level Bravo executive who have his take, on where all of the current Atlanta Housewives stand.

It's important to note that ALL of the Housewives are on a single season contract, meaning that NONE of the housewives have secured their spot for next year. We should also point out that the final decision - on who stays and goes - is made AFTER the season finale. So no final decisions have been made yet.

That being said, our Bravo executive had some pretty strong feelings about what he believes the cast would look like next season.

Nene Leakes: 'She should be fired, and she deserves to be fired, but Andy [Cohen] loves her. He'll make sure she's going anywhere."

Kandi Burress: 'She's gone. No way she's back after that Big Brother [mess]."

Shamari: 'She's a favorite, definitely will return.'

Eva Marcelle: 'She's on the fence."

Cynthia: 'She's done. No way she comes back.'

Porsha: 'She'll be back. But her peach isn't as safe as it once was. Her storyline was weak."

Tanya: 'She'll probably get a peach, and replace Cynthia.'

As MTO reported earlier this week, Bravo execs feel "blindsided" with Kandi who signed up to go on Big Brother, a CBS show airing at the same time as the Atlanta Housewives.