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Bravo confirmed this afternoon that there’s a new peach holding Atlanta Housewife - Youtube star LaToya Forever is officially joining the cast of the Atlanta Housewives.

The new housewife’s full name is LaToya Ali - and she’s a popular Youtube blogger who is better known by her stage name LaToya Forever

MTO News broke the news last week that LaToya, who is a good friend of Kandi Burress, was filming with the other housewives - and she was LOVED by the cast and crew.

This afternoon, Bravo posted a pic of LaToya on their page, with a peach. This indicates that she’s been hired as a full time cast member.


LaToya is a Canadian YouTube personality and author, best known for her eponymous YouTube channel as well as her video blog channel "LaToya's Life".

Her self-named main channel on YouTube has more than 1 million subscribers with more than 125 million views. Her debut book, an autobiography titled "LaToya’s Life: Uncut Mishaps of a YouTube Star", was released on November 8, 2016.

LaToya is married to fitness blogger Adam Ali. The couple have one child, and Latoya is currently pregnant with their second.

Here’s from Bravo’s Official Real Housewives Instagram:


YouTube made "LaToya Forever" their official YouTube Correspondent for the 2015 "YouTube FanFest Live" event that was held on May 2, 2015. In June 2016, she partnered with Gone Viral TV (GVTV) for a social media seminar. She was one of the featured guests at the 7th annual VidCon conference in Anaheim, California. In August 2015, Ali and her team were one of three teams selected for the Canadian Film Centre and Canadian Broadcast Corporation's "Jumping Screens" Comedy workshop, a workshop intended to help the creators make the jump from online to television. The workshop ran from June through November. Ali was one of the featured creators of the 2015 Buffer Festival, held from October 13 to 15, 2015, in Toronto Canada.