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Brandy: Monica Turned Down Verzuz Battle

The fans were calling for Brandy and Monica to go head to head during a Verzuz battle -- but Brandy says that Monica is not interested in going up against her.

"I heard that she doesn't wanna do it," Brandy said. "The last thing I heard is she pretty much turned it down, she didn't want to be a part of that, but I understand. I love what they've been doing with that platform. I think it's just a great way to share music and celebrate."

She continued, "I mean the way Jill and Erykah did it, that's the way to do it," Brandy went on. "Even Teddy and Babyface. They were really just -- it was great!"

Brandi and Monica were pit against each other in the 90's. During a recent interview, Monica said she was over being pit against her.

"One thing that has happened to me my whole career is that I've been pit against someone else that I'm not even remotely similar to," Monica said at the time.

"I tell people all of the time because the only Verzuz battle they want to see with me is me against Brandy, and the reality is that people have pit us against each other for 20 something years," Monica added.