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R&B singer Brandy had a very off night at her latest concert. The 1990s R&B legend was performing at the Jazz In The Garden festival in Miami - and she lip synched most of the performance.

The problem was that Brandy did a horrible job at lip synching. And in the middle of her dance set she stumbled and fell down.

The former America’s Got Talent judge rocked an all-white ensemble for the performance while she opted to pay tribute to the late Whitney Houston – who famously dated her brother Ray J – with a cover of Houston’s 1990 hit “I’m Your Baby Tonight.” The two also starred alongside each other in the television film Cinderella back in 1997.

As she stepped down the steps sideways, Brandy appeared to lose her footing and ended up on her knees with her foot stuck in between the stairs. She then spent a few seconds trying to free herself as the music kept playing in the background.

Brandy looked odd and disheveled during the performance and some on social media are suggesting that she may have been drunk on stage.

This isn't the first time that Brandy was embroiled in a lip synching scandal. Last month, Brandy reportedly canceled a highly anticipated concert at Washington D.C.'s Paley Center after they refused to allow her to lip sync her performance. The Paley Center uses a live orchestra, so lip synching would be impossible.
Brandy's official excuse for cancelling the performance, however, was that she claims she suffered from various illnesses.

Here's a video showing her lip synching badly:

Here's her falling down: