BRANDY Fights Back Against 'Thea' Actress - Calls Her 'Old CLOUT CHASER'


The war of words between R&B singer Brandy and the star of the 1990s show Thea, Thea Vidale, is heating up. And MTO News has learned that Brandy is calling Thea a clout chasing old bird.

Right before the Verzuz Battle for the ages—between Brandy and Monica—actress Thea Vidale blasted former “Thea” co-star Brandy, alleging disrespect she experienced from the R&B sensation and her mother, Sonja Norwood. 

Here's what she wrote online:


Now, Brandy is responding.

Brandy, while on “The Morning Hustle,” was asked about any altercations or disagreements between herself and her on-screen mother that might have occurred back in the early 90s to spark Thea’s messy comments. 

Brandy said, “She didn’t have an altercation. I would just have to say that Thea didn’t really treat me the way I deserved to be treated. I was a child. I respected her and I loved being on her show. I felt like that was the stepping stone to get to my music career. And I felt maybe, you know, she’s just a little bit bitter because I haven’t seen her do a lot since then. So maybe it was a way to get attention. And I just honestly believe that. She needs a little love right now.”

Now, that “Moesha” is streaming on Netflix, people are analyzing the cast of characters, including her television father Frank Mitchell, portrayed by actor William Allen Young. The good people of the internet have dubbed him toxic.

Brandy responded to that claim as well.

Brandy said, “You know what, I haven’t even been paying attention. I’ve just been so thankful that it’s on such a platform like Netflix and it’s been trending forever. I’m focusing on the possibility of us doing a reboot. ‘My dad’ can make up for all of that in the reboot.”