Brandi Glanville Says She Once Threatened To Kill LeAnn Rhimes

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Former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville has revealed that she once threatened to kill LeAnn Rhimes.

LeAnn once had an affair with Brandi's ex-husband, Eddie Cibrian. Eddie eventually left Brandi for LeAnn.

"One time, before they were married, I walked up to a soccer game and Jake, who was 2, was sitting in her lap. I had this rage in my body. I really wanted to kill her," she wrote in The Sun.

"I walked over to her, grabbed Jake and I looked at her and said: 'I will f*cking murder you.'"

She added that she "didn't cope well" with the end of her marriage. "I was angry, I was drinking -- Chardonnay was my crutch. I was so mad at Eddie for blowing up our life together."


Brandi says that she and Eddie still have their issues but things are much better.

“These days, I love LeAnn … she’s great and we all hang out together,” she wrote. “I’ve forgiven her. We’re going to be around each other for ever because of the kids, so why not make the best of it?"