Brandi Glanville has revealed that she will be returning to the upcoming season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

"I will be back a little bit, and that is all we know right now," Brandi said via her Unfiltered podcast. 

"There's some stuff going down. It's not gonna be PC, I'll tell you that. [...] Everyone's like, 'Oh, everyone loves each other.' Not true. Sh*t's going down right now, and we'll all figure it out soon enough."

According to Brandi, she has already started filming for the show. She also spoke on her rival, Camille Grammer, who was also filming for the show at a charity event.

"Camille was there, and Camille had previously come after me on Twitter," and the bad blood between the pair appears to still be ongoing.

"She was at the party, and a couple producers were like — I go, 'I honestly need to talk to Camille' — and they were like, 'She's afraid of you," Brandi shared with her listeners. "She did avoid me. I didn't talk to her. I saw her when I walked in…I literally did not see her again the entire night."