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BRAND NEW CHICK: We Found Out . . . WHO Is Going To Be Replacing TAMAR . . .On The REAL . . . Do You APPROVE OF THE CHOICE???

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    Original: has confirmed that Telepictures has been working with KeKe Palmer, to replace Tamar on The Real.

Here is what is being reported elsewhere:

“The person who’s going to replace Tamar is KeKe Palmer. Rachel [Miskowiec] (The Real’s Executive Producer) produced the pilot for Telepictures with KeKe Palmer last summer… She likes KeKe and KeKe of course wants to do another talk show. She’s on the fast track to being in that role.”

We love the idea of KeKe joining the cast, but she’s a lot YOUNGER than the rest of the gals on the show . . . could she even FIT IN???