Brad Pitt Reportedly CAUGHT CHEATING On Angelina Jolie . . . With CROATIAN MODEL . . . In ANGIE'S BED!!!


According to Radar Online, Brad was cheating on Angelina just days before she "surprised" him with the divorce. Here is their report:

Bad boy Brad Pitt took a walk on the wild side with a sexy brunette — who looks just like his estranged ex, Angelina Jolie — while checking out a real estate investment in far-off Croatia just two weeks before his marriage crashed and burned, can reveal!

The Croatian, who Radar has chosen not to identify, would only say she was friendly with the Moneyball stud.

But one of her pals eagerly dished, "She told me: 'I cheated with him in Angelina's bed!' She didn't give me any details. All I know he was quite taken with her."