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Boyfriend Of Missing Arizona Teen Kiera Bergman. . .  Refuses Polygraph Test [DETAILS]


A missing teenager's boyfriend is refusing to take a lie detector test, after police suggested the teen "clear his name" - and eliminate himself as a suspect.

Kiera Bergman, 19, has been missing for more a week now. She was last seen leaving her apartment near Thunderbird Road and 51st Avenue on Saturday, Aug. 4, after coming home from work early. Her roommate called Kiera’s mom, Kiersten Bragg, on Monday, when Kiera never showed up for her shift.

“For it to now be a week and for her not getting in contact with anybody, this is not Kiera,” Bragg said.

Bragg said this is her "worst nightmare."

Well on Friday, there was a new break in the case. According to the post Kiera's boyfriend is a possible suspect in her disappearance - and he's refusing to take a polygraph test.

Kiera's boyfriend told the Huffington post yesterday that he has refused an offer by Phoenix police to take a polygraph test.

“I didn’t want to do anything that would give the indication I was hiding anything but also didn’t want anything on the record that would have them say I was doing anything or had any part in this,” Jon-Christopher Clark, 23, told HuffPost.

“I told them I would not like a lie detector test because, ‘One, they are not admissible in court, and two, whatever you guys gather from that is basically your interpretation on my feelings,’” Clark added. “So I didn’t want [investigators] to pretty much gather [their] conclusions off of something that is not guaranteed.”

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But Clark said investigators didn’t give him a choice when they picked him up at a hotel on Monday morning and took him to the police station for questioning, “I just really felt like they were treating me like a suspect.”

Clark, who said he’s been dating Bergman since December, has consistently denied he had anything to do with her disappearance, and he has not been named as a suspect or person of interest by police. Contacted by HuffPost on Friday, Phoenix police would say only that the case remains “an active missing person investigation.”